Super Mom Mindful Starter Kit



Want less nagging and more support around the house? Here is your starter kit to feel supported, proud as a parent, and effective in teaching your children the values of kindness, compassion, and resilience. 

Be a leader and celebrate your child doing the dishes every day or wiping the counters off or getting dressed in the morning. 

You can even add positive affirmations on the celebration tracker so your kids are building the habits to thrive emotionally! 

Take the work off your shoulders by them putting a sticker on the calendar and feeling good about their chores.

This starter kit comes with:

  • Monster Book of Mindfulness E-Book so you can play games around the house that teach meaningful values. 
  • Peace of Mind Meditation Album to help guide you into peace and less emotional reactivity. 
  • Celebration Tracker your chore chart that has children motivated to help around the house.