Feeling over-stressed and overwhelmed? Yea, I got your back.

Life is inevitably filled with stress, conflict, and curve balls that make life . . . well interesting, to say the least. The best part about this is that we can choose an empowering mindset that creates more peace and resilience in our life OR we can choose a victim mindset that creates MORE STRESS in our life.

The sad part of this is that most of us don’t know we are in a “victim” mindset, we just consider ourselves to be over-stressed or overwhelmed.

Research says that about 80% of the people who are in distress don’t do anything about it to help them. Most of us know that mindfulness helps us release unwanted stress however we STILL don’t practice this every day.

I think we have this common consensus that “we don’t have enough time” and push it aside as if it will all get better. I know that thought process has never worked and I’ve had to prioritize my mental health to be on my top 3 priorities of my day.

Something to think about right now, what are your top 3 daily priorities?


Mindset + Positive Daily Habits = PEACE OF MIND

You can grab my free online mini class on how to find inner-peace throughout your busy day.

Remember friends, it’s not what happens to us in life, it’s about how we respond.

We can REFRESH our mindset whenever we find life getting the best of us. Can’t all of us use a moment to reset our lives?