Live Mindfully                        Transform Your Life Into  One You Love. 

What is Live Mindfully?

A 3 month long online experience that will master your mind-set into a positive way of being.
A NEW way of thinking and learning is required for today’s fast-paced World.
Designed for Parents and Educators to equip and empower their children for the future that awaits them.
Learn and share the life necessary skills of confidence, healthy emotional resilience, and compassion

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“Breeanne has taught me all the different ways to incorporate mindfulness into my life on a daily basis”.
– Rachelle Ljosdal Babler

“I loved working with Breeanne because she has such a compassionate presence! The most impactful experience of Live Mindfully is being connected to a mindful community. I’ve brought more meaningful teachings to my students in my class and to the children I work with”.
– Micaela

“Breeanne holds incredible space, from her presence, willingness to share and offers her students a chance to be seen”.
– Samira Moosavi

“Breeanne was an amazing facilitator that leads by example and teaches with passion”.
– Annie Carter