Have you ever had one of those days (or let’s face it, weeks) where you have felt simply drained? Where you have felt exhausted or maybe out of touch with reality? Or it could be that you’ve even had random phases of crying and your energy is gone. You might find that it’s hard to get out of bed or to become excited about anything.

That’s a clear sign that you need a self-care day.

There is nothing wrong with feeling out of sorts. It’s normal. I think we all have had those times when we simply aren’t ourselves. Normally our first inclination is to push through it. We judge ourselves for being too lazy and too emotional. We compare ourselves with the latest Facebook Superstar or Commercial Media Darling and feel that our experience, our needs, are invalid.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. When those feelings of unworthiness come about – because they will come soon or later – what if we threw some self-care rituals into the mix? What if we used those moments of doubt to actually empower ourselves?

I have noticed that for me and my clients, adding  self-care rituals into our regular schedule gives us that opportunity to trust that we are always supported. We can surrender into different seasons of life knowing that all is well. There is nothing wrong about taking some time out for just yourself. Sometimes we are so busy playing a role – the role of mom, of team captain, of CEO – that we forget to focus on who we are at the root of all of it.

Speaking as an ex-yoga Teacher, we can’t always be in the “inhale of life”. We can’t always be expansive, extroverted and energetic. There is a time and a place for everything and after the inhale comes the exhale. The “exhale of life” is the introversion, withdrawal, and regenerative practices that make life balanced.

Here is my list of 10 ways to add more self-care into the mix:

  • Schedule a massage. There is nothing more indulgent than making time for a massage. A massage allows you the ultimate opportunity to relax and put everything else aside.
  • Signup for a Yoga class. Yoga isn’t only good for your mind and spirit, it is good for your body as well.
  • Listen or read a good book that makes your heart sing.
  • Schedule moments to do NOTHING. Yes, nothing! Use this time to lay down and cuddle with a pet or a super soft blanket.
  • Take a bath, with magnesium salts and close your eyes and let your body sink into relaxation. Play some relaxing music and even light a few candles.
  • Rub your body with coconut oil and essential oils. Lavender essential oils is one of my favorites to use as it invokes a sense of calmness and relaxation
  • Meditate or listen to a guided meditation.
  • Make yourself a home-cooked nourishing meal or drink like golden milk.
  • Journal everything you are feeling, and how your day or week was.
  • Get outside and go for a walk. Soak up nature, inhale deep, and let your lungs breath fully!

Having trouble figuring out how to add a self-care routine into your daily life? Then let’s chat. I’ve worked with so many mothers and teachers on changing their mindset to prioritizing self-care and I look forward to helping you with your needs.

One of my clients has 3 children. She went from having no time for herself to having time to meditate every day and develop a weekly self-care ritual. It’s possible! You know the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? Remember that. In order for you to be at your best for those around you, you must put yourself first at times.

How are you implementing self-care into your daily or weekly routine?