Youth Mindfulness Programs
Give Your Child The Gift of
Compassion, Confidence, and Resilience.
School these days don’t teach your child the life skills they need to

thrive, that’s why we’ve created a Youth Mindfulness Program.

Your child or teen will walk

away with:


  • A Positive Sense of Self
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Healthy emotional coping for the challenges of life.

Research has found these tools to be successful in creating new neural pathways in the brain that promote Compassion, Confidence, and Resilience.

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Mindful Games
  • Yoga
  • Art Therapy
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Mindful Eating
We have exclusive, one on one sessions available to customize for your child’s needs.

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“Our son took to Breeanne’s methods immediately, and we have found that it is so beneficial to have a qualified teacher like Breeanne help guide our child as he develops emotionally. Breeanne has such a warm and caring way about her, and she provides a very safe space for our son to authentically speak his mind and describe his emotions. She has empowered him with the ability to better communicate his feelings and to deal with the typical challenges of childhood. We have a very close relationship with our son, and yet there are ways that Breeanne can connect with him that falls more into the teacher-student category and that has allowed her to truly keep him focused and engaged with her.”
– The Mougin Family

“I learned when I get angry, to not take my anger out on others, and to stop and breathe.”
– Ava 8 year old, who participated in our 8 Week Mindful Intelligence Program.

“My eight year old twin daughters participated in Breeanne’s mindfulness program for children. It was such a positive experience for them! Throughout the course they learned to identify a variety of emotions, connect to their bodies, and joyfully witness the observer within. Breeanne was so patient and loving. Her welcoming demeanor and knowledgeable instruction set a positive tone in which the children were able to tap into a peaceful inner space. The peace found in class translated into better decision making skills, conflict management, and self control outside of class. I would highly recommend this program for children of all ages!”
– Erin Easterly

“I learned how to be compassionate and kind even when I got angry”

– Addy

Bringing Mindfulness into Schools


K-12 Mindfully Evolve School Curriculum

Our curriculum is adaptable for classrooms, after-school programs and one on one clinical setting.

We also have educational workshops for teachers to bring in stress reduction, focus exercises, and inspire a healthy mindset in their classrooms.

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