About  The Founder

Hi my name is Breeanne Macouzet, and I have a mission to radically shift the education system so that every child knows how important they are and that they can make a positive contribution to the world. I bring research based, necessary life skills of confidence, compassion and resilience into teacher trainings that help teachers engage students in a positive and influential way.

I believe that every child deserves a mindful and present environment to be seen in their full potential.

I believe that every child deserves to have a foundation that equips them with the life skills and emotional resilience to succeed.

I am a Mindfulness teacher who coaches parents and educators on empowering our youth and on finding their deeper purpose to create meaningful lives.

I want to share my story with you to share how my own challenges have been a catalyst for my most treasured work in the world.

Why I  Care

My arrival on the scene was a great surprise for my teenage parents. The family grew, and before long I was the eldest of 4. From a young age, my siblings and I felt the emotions weighing down our parents as they struggled to maintain healthy relationships and we’re financially burdened. The emotional weight of distress affected us all in every facet. I often felt I wasn’t able to focus in school because I wasn’t getting the emotional support I needed. My confidence was lacking, and I grew anxious and depressed on top of all the pressures in school, feeling deflated and with no hope for the future.

I yearned for someone to inspire a bright future within me, I craved peace of mind, success in my endeavors, and joy in my relationships.

Underneath it all, I had this innate feeling that there was much more to my life than the story of my childhood. Then, at 20 years old, My faith was sparked when I had my first “spiritual awakening” through Yoga. This awakening felt immense joy running through my body, positive thoughts running through my mind and for the first time in my life, I felt whole with a world of possibilities at my fingertips. Through years of self-study, I began finding my way out of the dark hole and towards the light of possibility. My feeling of lack and disconnection had ended up leading me on a path of personal transformation. Then, in 2015, I had the most important vision of my life: I saw how this transformative work can be brought to children all around the world.

It is my greatest honor to be a steward of this as I believe that children are our future, and lives positively transformed will have immense impact on the future state of our world.

With love,


Breeanne Macouzet