Are you struggling with depression?

Feeling stuck, unmotivated, or just feeling like you want to cry all day is not an easy thing to deal with. The first time I started feeling depressed, I wanted to shame it or judge myself thinking “how in the world could I have created this feeling?”. I pride myself in being a creator of my life, being well rehearsed in personal development and knowing the advantage of epigenetics, yet here I was, having a hard time shaking these overwhelming emotions.

Now when I am talking about depression, I am not talking about being clinically diagnosed as having “depression”. I am talking about it from a feeling point of view. To me, this has felt like lack of motivation, feelings of deep sadness that you can’t shake or bear to handle yourself. It’s feelings of wanting to cry randomly and you have no idea why, or wanting to stay in bed all day because life seems like too much to handle. I’m referring to this depression as more of a season in life or a tsunami wave of emotions that you did or did not see coming. I bring clarity to the two distinctions because I struggled with clinical depression when I was a teen and took antidepressants, which never worked for me. That was a whole different ball game. That type of depression took control of my life like a wildfire, leaving me feeling as if I were a helpless victim. For those of you who are reading this that are suffering with that, know that I feel you and there is hope.

I believe you can prosper in the midst of waves of depression. Here’s are a few ways that I have led my clients and myself to flourish during these arduous times.

Listen to music that you love.

Some days I will literally have my headphone on most of the day when I am working, cleaning, cooking, or in my physical movement practice. There have been hundreds of research studies done that show how listening to music inspires motivation, increases your mood, provides a successful and safe way to release emotions and enhances your interpersonal relationships. So jam on!

Move Your Body.

Coming from someone who has struggled with chronic illness, I know how difficult this may be to implement into your daily routine. Be creative and easy with yourself. Moving you body could look like taking a walk outside, a gentle online yoga class, dancing or whatever you like doing. Just get moving.

Get outside of your room or home.

If you are reading this, then yes, it’s time to get out of bed. This might look like you going outside for 5 minutes and just getting fresh air to going to the grocery store or a friend’s place. Either way, it’s important to refresh your energy by getting outside of your home.

Get your focus ON.

Set your phone timer for an hour and focus all your attention on one thing. This means no distractions from social media, your phone, or any other person. Whether this one thing is working for an hour on the computer with focused tasks or cleaning up the house, you get to put all your focus on one thing. For me, doing this always reconnects me back to my power.

Read, listen, or watch something that inspires a positive perspective switch.

Oprah is normally my jam when these waves hit and I encourage you to watch her Soul Sundays on Youtube. Read a good book, or listen to a refreshing podcast on audible.

Get the healthy nutrition you need.

Feeling low energy or like you can’t get enough coffee? I suggest getting a good source of B-12 Vitamin. Personally, I recommend purchasing from Premier Research Labs. I also suggest getting some high-grade Maca powder to fuel your motivation for the day. One maca powder that I recommend is Maca Force. You can also check out my Healthy Alternative to Coffee Recipe as well! Get your superfoods on!

Connect with friends every day.

Reach out to one friend a day that you trust to be a listening ear or that will uplift your spirit. This could look like a 30-minute call to a friend who lives out of state or visiting a best friend nearby. Don’t suffer in silence and make sure to let all your closest friends know what you are going through. You will know if they are a good friend to speak with because after the call you will always feel loved.

Self-reflection and Self-expression is key.

Take 15 minutes out of your day to meditate or journal about your experience. Check out my guided meditations for help!

I know the feeling of desperation. I understand that the ‘black hole’ feeling but I also know the other side of light and liberation. Let me be the source of inspiration to ensure that you can always find a way to the path of light.

Want to know when you should make self-care a priority?