Transforming Lives Mindfulness Programs for Children & Teens

We bring healing and empowerment to children and teens who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression.

Mindfully Evolve develops and implements mindfulness programs to create a successful foundation for children and teens: instilling coping skills, emotional intelligence, communication, self-awareness, self-confidence, healthy habits and much more within a safe space, guided by an expert in child development.

We want your students to improve the foundation of their learning ability and academic success.


Mindfulness Reseach has found...

Mindfulness Training leads to structural changes in the brain that develop and enhance the qualities including kindness, patience and compassion; in addition to increasing executive function and improving impulse control.

Mindfulness practices can be an effective method of treating  anxiety, stress, and depression.

Over the past 2 decades hundreds of studies and research projects have been done on mindfulness practices.  Fortune 500 companies provide mindfulness instruction to their employees to reduce stress.  Hospitals refer patients who suffer from emotional and physical pain to mindfulness courses.  Schools in the USA are using mindfulness practices to help students succeed.


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