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Hi, I’m Breeanne.
The founder of Mindfully Evolve, a passionate organization driven to bring Mindfulness into families, schools, and communities worldwide.

We are a source for focus based tools, highly effective stress coping techniques, life-changing strategies, and transformational coaching.

We EMPOWER our children with the lifelong tools to succeed.

We bring PURPOSE to Educators so that their students can fully optimize their capabilities.

We bring PEACE of mind to Parents.

Let’s make a positive impact for our future generation by bringing MINDFULNESS into your life!


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“This course has so much valuable information! I feel it really helped me dig deeper into myself and take the time to be with myself for a bit every day which I would tend to forget with 3 kids, 5 and under”.
– Cindy Walter

“I noticed a huge difference in my life, thoughts, and overall happiness just halfway through the course. I have been practicing mindfulness for 20 years and I thought I knew it all, but after completing Live Mindfully I realized there was so much more to learn. Stress and anxiety no longer exist and I am now running my own children’s mindfulness workshops and a children’s mindfulness after school program”.

– Brittany Hudson

“Breeanne is a true blessing. Her knowledge, compassion, empathy, and sincerity made me confident from the start that the experience would be transformative. She exudes mindfulness! Through the program, I was able to tap into thoughts and feelings buried deep down and really begin understanding “why”. The confidence and self-awareness I now have I credit to this mindfulness program. My significant other and I completed the program together, which was an amazing, eye-opening experience for us as individuals, a couple, and parents. I’ve integrated the tools learned into my daily life and passed them on to my yoga students”.

– Heather Otto

“Working with Breeanne is a breath of fresh air! I loved starting our calls with a grounding meditation and celebrating wins. She has great tactics for incorporating mindfulness into everyday life and our coaching calls lead to some amazing breakthroughs!”.
Ally Archer

Our programs are well resourced from the wisdom of world renowned leaders of Mindfulness.
Our online programs set you up for success by offering the support of live, one on one coaching so that you can have lasting results.
Mindfulness Research Has Found…

Mindfulness Training leads to structural changes in the brain that develop and enhance the qualities including kindness, patience and compassion; in addition to increasing executive function and improving impulse control.

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